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10 "No Skill / No Money Needed" Business To Start

If you were completely broke and had to find ways to make any kind of money...some of these would work. No skill required. No money required to get started.

    1. Pick Up Other Peoples Junk

    Are there other companies doing this? Yes. Do I have junk in my backyard that if someone called, emailed, or showed up at my door and offered to take it away for a fee...would I pay? Yes. Easy one to do.

    2. Sell Other's People Stuff

    I have a camper in my backyard right now I've been meaning to sell for over a year. It's easily worth $3-4k but I just want it gone and would sell it for $2k. If someone offered to sell it for me - post on all the sites, handle the negotiations, etc - I'd give them a percentage of the sale or a flat fee. You could literally post this on your social media. "I'll sell your stuff. Don't pay me till it's sold!" You'll have people in the same position as I am that have things to sell.

    3. Watch Peoples Animals

    I posted about this one yesterday as an app, but you could easily start it as a service. Can you play with a dog or sit on a couch and stare at a cat? Congratulations. You have what it takes for this business. Could start hourly. Build up client base. Hire high school kids who want an "easy job" where they can essentially do their homework and get paid at the same time. Then ultimately you could turn that service into an app and you'd already have all the initial customers to get it off the ground. Then sell the app to Petco, Petsmart, or Petfillintheblank.

    4. Water The Plants

    Some people are obsessed about watering their plants. When they go out of town they need someone to do it. That can be you. Show up, water plants, leave. Easy to start. Might even turn from watering their plants while they're gone, to watering them during the week, lawn care, etc.

    5. Elderly Check In

    A service where you drop by elderly people who live alone once a week and see if they need help with anything. You're not a full-time live in, but a once a week helper. Sometimes an elderly person might need help moving something, running a quick errand, fixing tech issues, etc. You'd post on facebook, build up a "paper route" of elderly people, and off you go lol.

    6. Sell Random Stuff At Flea Market

    Find stuff for free or pick up things super cheap at savings type stores. Then clean them up or "modify" them in somewhere to make them better or more interesting. Then sell them at a flea market or something like that. Pretty bad idea. You're welcome.

    7. Dog Poop Scoop Co.

    Pretty self explanatory. Scoop poop. Collect cash. Repeat. Plenty of people who will pay you to pick up poop 1-2x a week.

    8. Return My Stuff

    Have you ever bought something and after you got home you realized it didn't fit or wasn't the right one? But then you never end up returning it because you just don't feel like it. Well someone could just have a whole business returning things for people lol. Then that service could turn into an app. You post what you need returned and maybe there's some kind of flat fee or bid price you'll pay for someone to come and do that for you.

    9. Professional Panhandler

    No skill required. Just a willingness to stand and get outside your comfort zone. Where I live, I'd image that most hard working panhandlers on the right corners make more than some people working at a "normal" 9-5. Maybe I'll interview the top 20 panhandlers and create a course. "How To Make Six-Figures On The Streets: Underground Secrets To Succesful Panhandling" . lol that would be cool actually. Then who do I sell it to? Someone with no money? Perfect.

    10. Clean Short Term Airbnb Rentals

    Short term rentals have blown up and don't seem to be slowing down. You could offer to clean them in between stays. There are other companies doing this, so maybe you could find things to add to your service that would make you different.

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