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10 non-obvious ideas to make money using (mostly) a computer

To state the obvious, here are 10 non-obvious ideas for making money.

(9 of these require only a computer and an internet connection)

Enjoy . . .

    1. Twitter Ghostwriting

    You can make money just by being a good writer.

    - Write great threads on Twitter

    - Grow your audience

    - Offer to do the same for others

    Simple, but effective.

    2. Build an app

    Even though there are millions of apps, there are still opportunities for niches and problems that don't yet have a good solution.

    You can also take an existing app and make a better version (more intuitive UI, easier to use, works with more external services, etc)

    Or you can combine two apps into one to make it easier to use.

    SaaS applications are still a gold mine.

    3. Get known as an expert

    Build an audience.

    Start a podcast.

    Interview other experts in your field.

    Better still, write a book on the topic.

    This is how you become an authority figure in your niche.

    Whatever it is you're good at, if you build a big enough audience and make an offer, someone will want to buy it.

    And the bigger the audience you have, the more you will be perceived as not just "an" authority - but *the* authority on a topic.

    4. Help other people make $$$

    Helping other people make money is one of the best ways to make money.

    - Lead generation

    - Cold emails that slap

    - High converting landing pages

    Whatever you choose, if you can improve someone's cash flow situation you're gonna get paid big for it!

    5. Be a magic stress pill

    People love convenience and hate stress.

    If you can solve a problem for someone, you'll make money.

    If you can solve an *inconvenience*, you'll make a lot of money.

    - Automate repetitive tasks

    - Offer a "white glove" aka a "done for you" service

    - Coach people on tough decisions. Be like a shrink, but for their business.

     Be a magic stress pill.

    6. Entertain people

    Jake Paul, Mr. Beast and Kanye West are three of the best examples of this.

    You can make a lot of money by entertaining people.

    Just don't become a captive to your audience - be careful not to lose yourself along the way (is this even possible?)

    7. Be a kindergarten teacher, but for your niche

    There are hundreds of courses available online, and only a few of them are good.

    What makes the best ones good?

    The answer is ELI5.

    Pick any subject and teach it to your audience like you're explaining it to a 5 year old.

    Your course is bound to be the most popular if you can do this.

    8. Solve an obvious problem

    There are a lot of obvious problems, and that's what makes them not so obvious.

    Think of things like pizza scissors, wiener dog raincoats or citrus spritzers.

    For thousands of years, these problems existed until someone had the idea to solve them.

    If you spot one of these problems and can solve it before anyone else does, you'll make a lot of money.

    9. Be a storyteller

    Stories sell, literally.

    JK Rowling and George RR Martin are two of the best modern examples of this.

    And now, you don't need a publisher - you can use Amazon or Gumroad.

    10. Pick up a tic and run with it

    The Greatest Tic of All Time goes to the Greatest Sip of All Time - Scott Adams.

    Previously known for his Dilbert comic strips, Scott Adams morphed into one of the most popular (if not controversial) live streamers on Twitter and YouTube.

    While there were a couple waves he rode to gather such a large following (the Trump election is what propelled him to fame / infamy depending on which movie you're watching), the thing that really stuck with people was the Simultaneous Sip.

    If you can find a unique catch phrase / habit that sticks with people, they will remember you.

    Grab your cup your mug your chalice your stein . . .

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