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10 Not-So-Obvious, Amazing Rolling Stones Songs

Everyone knows "Satisfaction," "Gimme Shelter," and "Start Me Up." But you might know these fantastic songs from the self-proclaimed, "World's Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band." Have a listen.


    1. Pass The Wine (Sophia Loren)

    A swaggering, bluesy rock song that didn't make the cut on the classic, Exile on Main Street.

    2. 100 Years Ago - Piano Demo

    A gorgeous, simple and emotional version of this song from Goat's Head Soup. It's Mick and a piano. That's it.

    3. Dear Doctor

    A twangy country ditty. You'd think the lads are making fun of country blues, but you'd be wrong. They love it. Originally appeared as the third track on side one of Beggars Banquet.

    4. Country Honk

    A country version of the wildly popular "Honky Tonk Women." "Country Honk" has some wonderfully arranged instruments including a fiddle and a few presumably Buick car horns.

    5. Everybody Knows About My Good Thing

    One of the fantastic, old school Blues covers from the surprising Stones 2016 album, Blue & Lonesome. Fun lyrics like,

    "I was talking to my neighbour
    About the way you wear your hair
    They say you must have a lot of children
    'Cause the milkman's always there"

    6. Crackin' Up

    Another Stones cover. This time from a Bo Diddley ditty. The Stones do a reggae-influenced version on the well-made live album, Love You Live. Feel free to hang around at the end of the song. A seemingly drunk or high Mick Jagger introduces the band in rather creative fashion.

    7. Empty Heart

    A funky little R&B number. Early Stones. Good harmonica. Seriously off-beat tambourine. From the classic 12 X 5.

    8. Dance (pt 1)

    The lads try their hand at a little Disco. This song has an infectious beat and just might inspire you to get up do what the title says. From the somewhat underrated Emotional Rescue album.

    9. Luxury

    Another Jamaican-influenced rocker. Nice guitars from the 1974's It's Only Rock 'N Roll.

    10. Dead Flowers

    This country-inspired song is on the Stones classic album Sticky Fingers. Of all the "Not-So-Obvious" selections on the list, "Dead Flowers" is probably the most popular. Still, a fabulous listen. Wonderful piano parts. And terrific guitars.

    11. Bonus: Strange Game

    Here's a swaggering little ditty by Mick that was written to be the theme music for the Apple+ TV show Slow Horses.

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