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10 Odd Beliefs I Hold That Scare People So Much They Poop Their Pants (But Which Are Proven To Drastically Transform The Lives Of Everyone Holding Them For The Better)

    1. 99% of people in any (and every) field are wrong about everything

    And you will live an amazingly successful, long, healthy, and happy life if you just did the opposite of everything everyone else is doing, no matter the field. Also, find the 1% and follow them closely.

    2. 99% of everything we do is waste

    It is only by identifying and eliminating the waste everyday that we have time and energy for that which is truly meaningful and important.

    3. 99% of experts are more focused on defending the status quo than actually getting results

    So you should ignore the experts, and instead find and listen to people who are actually getting the ideal result.

    I was reading James Dyson's biography a while back. When he first got started he wanted to create a vacuum with filter size smaller than 12 microns. He visited the world's top scientific authority in the field. The guy wrote tons of books, papers, and more talking about why the minimum size could only be 12 microns, nothing smaller. And he was so invested into defending the 12 micron minimum. Because that's what his whole life was about. Dyson didn't care about the science or facts about why the minimum was 12 micron. What he wanted was to know how he could design something smaller than 12 microns. So he went and found a way to do it himself.

    4. 99% of school and college education is useless and degrees are just pieces of paper

    You will learn more from self-education, apprenticeship, experimentation, and other forms of learning than you ever will from going to school or college. I have quite a few degrees myself. But to be fair, I only got them because they help me create the illusion of authority bias. Letters in front of the name and all that. And well, you'll need them in some fields, if you want to work in them, but...

    5. 99% of people working a job are wasting their time and their lives

    Unless you're working a job because it's a job you're truly passionate about... or you're doing it to learn and not for money... it's a waste of time. You can make more money working for yourself than you ever will your whole life working a job.

    Considering that money earned is a function of value provided, working a job only provides value to one person mainly (your boss), while working for yourself gives you the freedom to provide value to many people simultaneously.

    6. 99.99% of people should never, ever retire from working

    Because retirement means death. And early retirement means early death. Work all your life, but... design your life in such a way that... your work is your play, and your play is your work so you'll never feel like you're working a day in your life. I retired my first time in my 20s, so I speak from experience here...

    7. 99.99% of all diseases (including the "incurable" ones) can be cured and treated naturally without drugs, medication or surgery

    With the exception of accidents and injury, the only reason the medical industry exists is because... it's already there, and... when a man has a hammer, he sees everything as a nail. Besides that, anything that makes a lot of people very, very rich will continue to exist regardless of whether it's needed or not.

    8. 99% of everything you do has multiple better options for doing it

    But most people will never know about those options. Because... either they have not experimented enough... or read enough... or researched enough. Or because they don't want to know about those options.

    9. 99% of actors have deep-seated psychological problems caused by acting

    And watching actors act actually creates subtle, long-term psychological problems in the viewers that... gradually worsen over time... due to the functioning of the mirror neurons in the brain.

    10. 99.99% of the information that enters our mind, we cannot control how it affects our mind

    However, we can control what we allow to enter our minds. So it is better (and much easier) to control what enters the mind rather than trying to control our minds after the fact...

    11. (BONUS) 99% of the time, new scientific and technological discoveries cause more problems than they solve

    Think back to the last scientific or technological discovery that helped you solve a huge problem in your life. Was the problem that it solved also originally caused by a scientific or technological discovery that happened in the past?

    This is made worse by people's tendencies to monetize problems rather than actually solving problems.

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