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10 Oddities Found On Mars

Idea spawned from @MatthewSmith idea list.

    1. Glass Fleas

    Deposited from a planet outside our solar system that rains glass. It can lay dormant for eons. First you feel like you have a paper cut and then a rash. By that point, it's entered your bloodstream and you scream as your brain melts. Attracted to iron and oxygen

    2. Face of mars

    The last remnants of civilization before being forced underground. These structures seen from the earth are the Marsian Construction Robot. Without instruction, the AI builds randomly. Every 40,000 years if you catch the moment right. You can see it perform its diagnostics and illuminate the sky

    3. Uoon Fruit

    A staple of the Marsian kind. Resembling the look of a slime mold you would find on earth. Its berries taste of gasoline and starbursts. To access this food you must become like a paleontologist cracking open shale. It is only found on the southeastern region.


    4. Deep Water Transport Station

    You can traverse all of mars in minutes using the under crust current.

    5. Quantum Chaos Bomb Test Site

    Mistaken for a shield volcano. This one area has no glass fleas.

    6. Books Of Lisyium

    This volume of research was all the scientific knowledge of the Marsian kind. Instead of reading or listening. Lisyium harnessed the power of black holes - a brush across the chapter with your finger transports your physical being into Lysiums consciousness.

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