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10 of my favorite types of internet reading

I've spent far too much time watching reels on social networks lately, and I'm mad at how easily I fall into it. To get myself back on track with more productive uses of my down time, I want to make my first instinct reading, as opposed to watching. Here are some things I enjoy reading that I can turn to when boredom or inattention strike (and, I know, thinking about how to combat the need for distraction is a list for another day).

Although the items on this list can be considered "time wasting" when done in excess, I think they're fine in moderate amounts because they're both informative and fun.

    1. Financial articles, recommendations for different stocks, and other content related to savings and money management

    Up until a few years ago, I wasn't especially financially literate. I've always been frugal, so saving hasn't been a problem, but I had no idea how to optimize my finances. That changed when I saw my younger sister reading a book on "Finance for Young Women." Competitive older sister that I am, I couldn't let that stand, and ever since I've been on the path of financial optimiztaion.

    2. Travel blogs

    One of my favorite guilty pleasures. This may sound weird, but I especially I love reading about places I've already been (whereas I suspect most people enjoy reading about places they want to go). I just like the nostalgia that comes with revisiting places, and doing a deeper dive on familiar sites cements a lot of my knowledge.

    I've started to make an effort to prioritize depth over breadth in a lot of places in my life, and this is definitely one of them.

    3. Really long contemporary opinion pieces

    Think pagers turners on The Atlantic, NPR, the NYT where your scroll bar is miniscule. There's nothing like an incredibly long and well-researched opinion piece to spice up a Saturday morning with coffee, and I always come away 1) having learned something and 2) with a more nuanced opinion of the subject than I started with

    4. DIY guides

    Now, I'm not exactly a committed DIY'er, but I do like reading about how to spruce up and reuse certain objects. I'm trying to reduce the amount of purchases I make overall, and re-using things I already have is a grat way to do that.

    5. The Wikipedia rabbit hole of doom

    Have you ever found yourself reading an article on Wikipedia, only to be intrigued by a new person, place, or thing you come across? This happens to me from time to time and I spend far too long jumping from article to article, spiraling down an increasingly more obscure path.

    6. Substack newsletters about epidemiology and SaaS

    Substack is such a great way to get news in a digestable way, from very informed sources.

    I've been more interested in content about epidemiology since COVID, and I work in SaaS and am interested in keeping up with the latest trends.

    7. The news

    This is more from compulsion than anything else, but I do like reading the headlines and skimming articles.

    8. ... also in French (Le Monde, Liberation, Le Figaro...)

    Reading the French press has a few benefits: 1) language practice, 2) an alternative perspective, 3) I get to read local news stories and can feel like I'm living in France again.

    9. Credit card comparisons and articles about churning

    I love reading about how to make the most of credit card signup offers and points. It almost feels like a game.

    10. Restaurant reviews

    Finding new places to eat is one of life's simple pleasures: low downside risk but high upside potential. I like reading reviews in particular because I get to see people's genuine impressions, without any particular slant (excluding paid reviews, which can be hard to detect).

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