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10 Openings I Need to Get Better At

Again, this is a #Chess related post but this helps me with learning accountability. I want to keep track of the openings I am studying and where I need to learn better. Hopefully my future opponents won't see this or maybe I should make these sort of lists private.

    1. Petrosian System in King's Indian

    In particularly, after ...h6 Bh4 there are two piece sacrifices I never heard of before. After O-O then ...Nc5 b6 there is Nfxe4 and sacrifice the Queen!

    And after a3 Qd8 O-O (I think) there is Nxe4 and win back a piece.

    2. Sicilian Be2 - "The British Grand Prix"

    Great video from "The Butcher" on this:

    The basic ideas:

    - use Be2 to defend d1 square. If Black defends against usual attack (with ..f5) then Bd1-b3 to get B on right diagonal

    - do c3-d4 strategy when Nge7

    - Qe1 when Nf6

    - Kh1 and a3 c3 b4 useful moves

    - Trying to figure out when Na3-c2 is good.

    3. New insight on Caro-Kann

    What to do with the Big space advantage on kingside.

    - develop queenside pieces and castle queenside

    - use the extra space to rook lift the H rook and get it to queenside

    4. Saemisch

    need to really remember the main line better. particularly for the piece sac that comes up on c4

    5. Be3 modern

    Everyone plays this against me. I do well but need to remember the ideas even better.

    - when to do c5 without nb6?

    - when to allow trade of bishops

    - when to do Rc8 before c5

    - when to do c4 vs b4

    - what to do on early g4

    6. Fianchetto KID

    re-study the line of c6-d5 used against WGM Foisor :

    7. French- Wing Gambit

    Need to study a few more games. The Butcher video useful

    8. Leonhardt gambit

    I don't know why I always forget the model games. Need to use the loci method here.

    9. KID Exchange variation

    Ben's variation with the B getting on F6. Need to remember

    10. KID be2 be3 vs be2 h3 g4, neet to master the nuances.

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