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10 Overpowered (But Legal) Addictions That You Can Use To Conquer The World

He who controls addictions controls the world...

    1. Addictions to Salt, Sugar and Fat

    A common tactic used by food companies and food scientists to create addiction. Truth be told, it's not that hard to do. All you need are the right ratios of each.

    2. Addiction to Fear

    Commonly used by news companies, some governments, and medical industries. The amygdala cannot resist. You can also use it to sell horror novels.

    3. Addiction to New Stuff

    The brain is wired to pay attention to things that are new. Keep making new stuff and people will keep paying attention. Used by toy companies, tech companies and more.

    4. Addiction to Entertainment

    People nowadays are literally entertaining themselves to death. This true for any entertainment that appeals to the 5 senses: taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing.

    5. Addiction to Comfort

    A wise man once said: "People value their comfort zones more than they do their own lives". As long as you can keep people within a comfort zone, you can keep them wherever you want them to be... forever.

    6. Addiction to Updates

    They don't wanna close their eyes. They don't wanna go to sleep. 'Cause they'd miss you, baby. And they don't wanna miss a thing...

    7. Addiction to MSG

    It's in almost every food these days. Combine it with salt, sugar, and fat, and you're hooked for life. And you can get some in most supermarkets.

    8. Addiction to Fun

    Anytime you can make something more fun, you can make it more addictive. Commonly used by video game industries.

    9. Addiction to Story

    The brain is literally wired for story. You could spend the whole day binge watching a Netflix series and chilling on your couch. The same goes for novels and comics.

    10. Addiction to Open Loops

    Probably the most addictive part of the story: the cliffhanger. Once you get caught in it, you just can't turn away until it's closed. But if you keep feeding people open loops, you can keep them paying attention to you forever.

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