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10 passive income streams that I could create in the next 5 years

I am finding this harder to execute than many of the gurus would suggest but as I am in middle age it is important to create assets that will provide income as I age.

    1. Publish books on Amazon

    2. Create or purchase a business that sells products on Amazon.

    I have one product that I did myself. It has been a great personal journey and it is about $150 a week. I just need to do this about 10 more times!

    3. Own a rental house in a good location that will be an Airbnb

    4. Own a rental apartment building near a university for student housing

    5. Own a building that could be utilized as an elder care facility

    6. Create a software as a service business

    7. Find a useful niche and try to dominate it on a social media platform

    8. Harness artificial intelligence to write reports or create articles

    9. Harness artificial intelligence to write music for videos or create interesting images for fun products like T-shirts or bath towels

    10. Own a robotic taxi service: self driving car.

    11. Rent a car on Verbo ?

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