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10 People Who Have Been Role Models To You In Your Life And Why.

    1. My father

    He taught me to always tell the truth, the value of working hard and being dependable, and instilled in me a belief that I can achieve anything I desire in life.

    2. Tom

    Tom showed me the importance of the small details and how to lead by example. He was never afraid to dust a shelf, serve a customer, and was the first to admit when he didn't know how to do something.

    3. Ben Greenfield

    Ben taught me how diligence and discipline can knock down all barriers and how having a purpose can show up in your life.

    4. James Altucher

    James taught me how to build my idea muscle, how to experiment and work on multiple new ideas at once quickly, and to be brutally honest and share my failures and true weakness in my writing to help others learn from what I've learned the hard way.

    5. Dave Ramsey + Suze Orman

    Dave and Suze Orman taught me how to live below my means, pay off debt, have an emergency fund, and save + invest.

    6. Emily

    Emily showed me how to be patient, loving, and compassionate and ignited my journey towards faith, family, health, and wellness.

    7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Taught me the importance of putting goals on paper and then making a plan how to get there. Inspired the family board meeting process which has grown into an entire system and process.

    8. My sister

    My sister taught me how to have fun at work and to make work fun for the people around me. She also taught me how to manage a project timeline.

    9. Gus

    Gus teaches me how to stay humble and understand that everyone I encounter has come from different backgrounds and are carrying their own burdens.

    10. R. G. LeTourneau

    Showed me how to be a businessman for God.

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