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Collin Harness


10 Personal Moonshots

What are some things you are going to accomplish in your life that are moonshots?

    1. Traveling to space

    Virgin, Blue Origin, SpaceX. One day I will get my ticket to space.

    2. Writing my bestselling book

    Currently working on it. It might take a couple different tries before one really works, but I will get there.

    3. Starting my own charity

    Would love to do something like the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Combine all of my passions into one charity.

    Maybe serve on a charity board.

    4. Traveling to all of the countries in the world with Husband

    So far we have done 7.

    5. Creating my own billion dollar company

    My own personal Berkshire Hathaway.

    It would be awesome to create a week long convention around my own business.

    6. Creating a loyal following of people

    Develop a strong email list and then use the apple and wheel method to monetize the business.

    7. Creating a winery and restaurant

    Buy some land north of Dallas near the lake and create a winery restaurant experience.

    Maybe have a hotel and coffee shop to go along with it.

    8. Creating a successful course and teaching a class on it

    Currently working on it.

    9. Getting in the best shape of my life

    Currently working on it. more consistent workouts and eating right.

    10. Having the dream home

    Live in a house that does not need any work and have a staff of people that could help me take care of it.

    The dream is to have solar panels and a Tesla so that there is no electric bill.

    11. Creating a museum exhibit of my life

    Music. Books. Charity. Technology. Public Speaking etc.

    12. Travel to all the US National Parks and wonders of the world.

    Take a year off work and travel the entire world.

    13. Walk in a fashion show

    14. Have a driver take me anywhere I want.

    15. Fly on a private electric jet.

    16. Own a working farm.

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