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10 Pieces of Advice From My Future Self

Many times online, I encounter articles or forum posts from folks about what kind of advice they would give to their younger selves. What if the scenario was reversed? What if your future self traveled back to *right now* to tell you advice? What disasters would you avoid? What kinds of opportunities could you exploit before anyone else in the world even thought to dream up? We may not actually know what the future will bring, but I think it's a fun exercise to think about.

I would love to hear your feedback, and if this list of ideas intrigues you, I invite you to come up with your own list!

    1. Remember to Pack a Drink on Long Trips

    Be sure to have a thermos or water bottle filled with your favorite beverage when you venture out in the world.

    2. Trust Your Gut, Especially When Nature Calls

    Always be aware of any available restrooms in your current vicinity.

    3. When You Buy a House or Apartment, Make Sure It Has a Deep Bathtub

    It can be rather frustrating when you want to soak your body, but only have a shallow tub. Along with the normal due diligence when buying a home, make sure the bathroom has a deep enough tub. If not, search online for instructions on the renovations required to replace it with a deeper bathtub.

    4. When You Get a Stable Source of Income, Invest

    Do your research on investing in business and acquiring various financial assets.

    5. If You Decide to Get Married, Go on an Extended Trip With Your Mate to See if You Can Stand Being Alone Together for a Long Time

    You only really get to know somebody when both of you are alone together without existing networks of people to retreat to.

    6. Get Your Sleep Right. Block Out Noises if You Must!

    If you want to get much done in the world, you need to be awake and alert when everyone else is. If outside noises are preventing you from falling asleep, buy a white-noise generator, turn on the fan, or play nature sounds on your phone for ambient noise to soothe you to sleep.

    7. Stop the Mental Chatter. It Will Help You Focus Better.

    So much of what distracts us isn't even from the outside world, but within ourselves. Start by meditating for one minute a day. If that is too much, at least spend some time away from a screen and focus inward to understand what's really going on in your head.

    8. Losing Weight Is Hard, so Avoid Gaining It!

    As I grow older, the more my metabolism slows down and the easier it is for me to gain weight. I don't have to worry about losing weight that I don't gain, so exercise and good diet now will prevent future hardships in this aspect of my life.

    9. There Will Always Be a New Crisis. Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself. It’s Not Always Your Fault.

    There will always be crisis in the world. As individuals, we can't stop what's happening on a global scale. While we do what we can to mitigate risk, there is no way to plan for every possible outcome.

    All that can be done is to take responsibility for what you can do in the moment. Negative events may or may not be your fault, but it is always your responsibility to do what's in your power to resolve your own crisis.

    10. Don’t Be Afraid of Making Mistakes. You’re Going to Make Plenty Anyway!

    Even the super successful make mistakes and fail all the time. Don't hold yourself back from learning a new skill or taking on new challenges because you might fail and encounter frustration along the way. Anything worth doing is difficult, and confronting your mistakes head-on is the surest way of accomplishing your goals.

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