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10 Preparedness Measures

Stuff to have ready "just in case"

    1. Generator

    A standby generator would be ideal for my situation, but there are some great technologies with batteries and solar now.

    2. Bug out bag

    A backpack that has all the things to get by for a few days. Swap food and weather-appropriate clothes out every 6 months.

    3. Freeze dried food

    Keep a supply of food for however many days you want to feel good about keeping (within reason). Freeze dried stuff lasts 20 years and beyond. 

    4. Silver coins

    You can buy old silver quarters. Keep a stash ready. Slowly build it up over time.

    5. Cash stash

    Be your own ATM in the event of an emergency. 

    6. Vodka stash (for bartering or disinfectant)

    Vodka has a lot of uses and doesn't go bad. Keep a few big bottles under the sink or in the basement.

    7. Water storage or filtration system

    Having some big water jugs or a backpackers filtration system is essential.

    8. Important documents copied and stashed in waterproof bag

    Insurance policies, birth certificates, passports, deeds. Physical copies should be easily accessible in the event of an emergency. 

    9. Family plan

    If the grid goes down and communication becomes impossible, what will you do? Have a plan to meet up somewhere and ride it out.

    10. Team up

    Be part of a network or community where you can share resources. Have an IRL tribe. 

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