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10 Problems Worth Solving - I want to Participate in Solving

“True happiness occurs only when you find the problems you enjoy having and enjoy solving.” — Mark Manson

    1. How to repurpose 1 billion car when EV cars go mainstream? And how to repurpose all the dead EV batteries?

    It is estimated that over 1 billion passenger cars travel the streets and roads of the world today.

    2. How can we use exponential technologies like cloud and AI to redesign cities to be adaptable? To scale just like a website that scales up and down based on traffic.

    3. How do we upgrade our education systems to breed innovators and policymakers of the future?

    4. How can we use technologies like AI, AR, and VR to improve mental health?

    5. How do we effectively prevent floods using technologies, smart city design, etc.?

    6. How do we make people fall in love and mate? Swiping right is not scaling.

    Singapore is one example of governments taking many measures to promote marriage and parenthood.
    Japanese increasingly single, disinterested in dates

    7. How can we eradicate non-communicable diseases like diabetes?

    8. How can we eradicate bullying from schools?

    9. How can we use aqua farming to feed the world?

    10. How can we use AI, AR, and VR to help improve our biases and promote equality?

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