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Matt Ventre


10 Products and Ideas to Build Right Now

    1. Ai Picker

    People are using AI like total idiots. For use cases that barely exist (or are better solved by older technology). Lots of folks going to get burned in this heatup period. Don't be burned. Find the right tool and use it. Or don't!

    2. BetMarket

    Arbitrage your bets between Draftkings and the major sports books. Markets for Joes.

    3. Personal Fitness Gear that Doesn't Sell Your Data

    After Joe Rogan's recent Polar blowup, there needs to be personal fitness hardware that is 100% emphatically not tracked: socially, etc. Yes, there's power in the social dynamic, but I suspect a lot of people would pay a lot to not have to deal with any of that nonsense.

    4. Fitness for Unfit Nerds

    Hear me out: all the things that supposedly help unfit nerds get into shape only strengthens the reason they're unfit nerds in the first place (and before you get all mad, I was an unfit nerd, too all through my 20s). It doesn't tap into their core beliefs and habits and help them transform their identity into something stronger and more secure.

    5. Games for Jerks

    I don't know what else to call this, but have you ever met someone who thinks any form of fun is a "waste of time" and "for losers"? I get that some of these people see the nerds from point 4 and go, "Never me. That's for losers." Except, games and "fun" (because the pursuit of fun alone is a lonely and empty goal) are not all just time-wasters. So, how to get the jerks who think Play is for weaklings to engage (without appealing to their sense of faux militaristic tendencies - Call of Duty is not a nuanced experience, though it does promote coordination and enhance spatial abilities).

    I'm being pretty superficial here, but stick with me.

    6. Fully NA Bar

    I think one or two of these exist in NYC, but it's a big deal. I think people would really enjoy a fully non alcoholic experience.

    7. Tie-ins with the NA Bar to Fitness Events and Competitions

    8. Deadlifts and Dice

    Tabletop Wargaming Competition + Strongman/Powerlifting Competition (amateur, pro, etc.)

    9. TradeConnect

    A hub for young people and new tradespeople to connect with masters whether retired or active so they can apprentice and learn trades without the need for a degree or having to "know someone".

    10. Energy Audit System

    Input the square footage of a dwelling, room structure, building material, age of house, etc. then map against each of those a set of identified inputs like "low insulation; baseboards not sealed; windows showing signs of wear and decay" etc. and the telemetry of IR scanners and other electronic modeling instruments and it spits out a report with recommendations about the best way to handle the various problems that show up - including optimal HVAC, heating, cooling and other hardware ballparks (e.g. it recommends the best furnace model for the square footage, whether or not to switch to electric from gas, etc.)

    Can charge $600-850 per audit, take all the measurements and inputs and have a report shot out instantanesly.

    Do this 4-5x a day (45min-1hr per audit) and you're at $2500/day.

    Do that 100 days a year for a quarter million.

    Or more.

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