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10 Questions on my Walk to Breakfast

Soo. I was about to listen to the James Altucher podcast but decided to do a list.

A lot of these have to do with homes because my dad owned a real estate company and I grew up questioning real estate stuff.

My walk is the neighborhood right next to Cranbrook. The Cranbrook from 8 mile. I grew up around here and it's an interesting and gorgeous place. Come visit!!

    1. Do birds have to build up their wing strength when they are about to lay an egg?

    There are some fat birdies around here.. how do they still fly?

    2. What does the man I just passed does for a living?

    I felt ceo vibes. Good at investing. He owns a gorgeous home in this amazing neighborhood and his dog us perfectly trained.

    3. Why are all these street names so racist?

    Last names of people who were definitely on the south side of the civil war. Do black people feel comfortable living here?

    4. Why does a squirrel have a chipmunk in it's mouth?

    Nope.. just a pile of leaves.

    5. Why live so close to one another?

    These people make a lot of money. Why do they need to live so close to each other? Do they just really want to be in each other's business so bad? If I made 500k a year I would want at least 50 feet separating my driveway from the next guys and not 10 feet.

    6. Why does only one family in the entire neighborhood still get the paper?

    If I had the money I would have the paper still delivered.

    7. Why do I like spooky looking houses?

    I don't like newer looking houses. They look plastic to me. I am sure they are easier to take care of but I like the older houses. I like houses that are slightly unusual. That someone designed not cookie cutter.

    8. Why do people want to cover their entire lot with a house?

    I have never understood this. It started maybe 20 years ago. Why? Do you not like to be outdoors? Are you that consumed with consuming that you need all that space for all your things?

    9. Why are pinecones so satisfying to crunch?

    Does it make me feel more powerful? or do I just like crunch things?

    10. What is this random house with puke green siding doing here?

    It's on the side of a major road. It's covered by trees. I wonder if the city required them to put up trees because it was so icky looking. I would be ok with green siding just not pukey green siding.

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