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10 questions people ask while trying to leave their comfort zones

The comfort zone is a place where the least growth happens. It’s a familiar territory we have marked for ourselves based on our previous accomplishments and progress. To go beyond your comfort zone you must first make the decision, then take steps that challenge and move you to newer opportunities.

    1. How do you become uncomfortable and happy at the same time?

    Trying to make yourself vulnerable and trying new things does feel uncomfortable at first but with time once you start achieving those goals you’ll feel like it’s worth it and happy in the end. You’re learning and evolving. Part of this is exhausting. But it’s also exciting and rewarding, interesting dichotomy. You can learn to become resilient. Being out there and being seen is a great feeling and a challenge at the same time.

    2. What’s the point if leaving your comfort zone gives you anxiety, unease and fear?

    It’s normal to feel anxiety every now and then. This does not mean you’re doing it wrong or that it’s not for you. This simply means you are growing and stretching beyond your comfort zone. We are naturally afraid of the unknown. Our brains are conditioned to keep us safe and for that reason, they will do anything to keep us stuck where we currently are where the outcome is certain. The brain likes to think of all the possible things that could go wrong to prepare itself for if it does go wrong.

    3. “Am i ever going to want to go back to my comfort zone?” How long do i need to say yes?

    Once you say yes more often and get to greater heights – then you need to start saying no again to focus. The trick is open the opportunities and start saying yes again once you start to feel comfortable again. It’s normal to feel nostalgia for the familiar after branching out, but don’t let it hold you back from further growth.

    4. How do i know if i’m ready to leave my comfort zone?” Is this process hard?

    If you’re unsure about whether or not you’re ready to leave your comfort zone. Realize that getting out of your comfort zone won’t be easy. Everything is hard at first, however, what doesn’t kill you STRENGTHENS YOU! It’s hard at first. But once it becomes a lifestyle – you increase your tolerance for what most people call “hard” and it becomes easy for you.

    5. "I just can't"

    Using words like this that signal impossibility is you setting yourself up for failure. Remove all limiting beliefs, lean unto the discomfort and make your dreams happen. I started taking my Entrepreneurship journey online 2020 and some didn’t work out. ⁣ I also made commitments that forced me to venture way out of my comfort zone. ⁣ ⁣ Some failures even led to lessons and crazy opportunities in ways that I never would’ve expected.⁣ None of those events ended with me feeling regretful. The dots connect only when you look backwards. ⁣

    6. How Can I Stop Being So Shy And Get Out Of My Comfort Zone

    Dive deep and pinpoint what’s stopping you from moving onto higher success. Often, fear of change & being unwilling to get out of your comfort zone is the real culprit.

    7. “How can i make the transition out of my comfort zone smoother?”

    Some tips on easing the process of moving beyond your usual limits: Practice is the keyword here. You don’t just jump in an icebath when you cannot remember when last you took a cold shower. If you want to start running as a habit – would you start with >30 mins on your first day? Finally, never compare yourself with others as its the biggest trap. You gotta define what “success” is to you. You know what you lack.

    8. What are the consequences of leaving my comfort zone?”

    Great things don’t come to you when you stay in your comfort zone. Dare to break out and live your true potential. You start experiencing the potential benefits of venturing outside your comfort zone.

    9. What if i “hit a wall” when trying to leave my comfort zone?

    When you hit a wall, do not run from it and go back to your comfort zone. Embrace you got this far, breath, regroup, and hurtle over those challenges. If you were one of the few people who took a chance to go for their dreams with zero guarantees of making it. You are a lot stronger than you think. Doing things the same way will get you the same results. Chances are there’s a better way. But it requires getting out of your comfort zone.

    10. What should i do once i’m out of my comfort zone?”

    Now that you’ve taken the plunge, find out what activities will help you get the most out of your new experience. We can’t grow and expect there to be Zero resistance. There will always be a negative force trying to pull you back to your old self, your comfort zone. But when we have a vision combined with faith, we have a magnetic force pulling us towards that direction.

    Learn more on How to step out of your comfort zone here:


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