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10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Difficult Decision

On hard decisions...

    1. What are you trying to achieve by making this decision?

    How does this decision impact your day, month, year, or life?

    2. What is the worst possible outcome of this decision?

    Think through the possibilities - what's the worst that can happen?

    3. What is the likelihood of the worst possible outcome happening?

    The actual chance of the worst outcome happening is likely extremely low - you are basing this outcome on your own worst fears. If the decision involves other peopled they likely aren't thinking about it in the ways that you are. Your thoughts and fears are based on your own unique life experiences and your reactions to those experiences.

    4. Will this decision kill me?

    Think of ways you could change your perception about the results (yes, you ARE that powerful!)

    5. What is the best possible outcome of this decision?

    Take time to think about this question. Think/Dream big!

    6. What did I learn from the results of this decision?

    Very much akin to #4 above, however base your response to this question on the results of your pondering the last.

    7. Is it too late to make modifications to my decision?

    Has my original decision put me in a position where it is too late to modify the decision for a better outcome?

    8. If it is not too late, is it possible to modify this decision in order to provide a better outcome?

    Are there any tweaks that you can make to the decision that will result

    9. How should I (or should I) choose differently the next time I need to make the same type of decision?

    Would altering my decision change the outcome for the better?

    10. Once I've decided on the modifications I can make, what is the next step?

    Identify and take action based on your answers to all the previous questions.

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