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10 Questions to Make Today Better for You and Others

Responding to these ten questions with action can make it a better day for you and others.

    1. What one thing can you do that would make you feel good about your day?

    Examples: doing a bit of exercise, taking care of a task you've been putting off, or one of the other things on ints list.

    2. What's the kindest/nicest things people have done for you?

    We tend to think of negative things by default, so focusing on the positive is a useful balancing tool.

    3. What kind/nice little thing can you do for somebody today?

    Consider doing it anonymously, while avoiding things they might find creepy. One note complimenting them on what they do, or a small gift (not of great monetary value), or a snack you know they like are good examples.

    4. What is a time that you underestimated yourself?

    If you're finding something daunting, remember another time this happened but everything worked out OK.

    5. Which friend could you reconnect with today?

    If there's somebody you like but haven't communicated with for a while, write them an email or give them a call just to let them know you're thinking of them.

    6. What's one thing you can avoid doing today that will make you feel better about your day when you go to bed?

    Maybe there's an unhealthy snack you can skip today, or you could avoid the elevator and get exercise by taking the stairs, or you could avoid spending any time on social media today.

    7. Who can help you with the thing you're finding most difficult today?

    We tend to be reluctant to ask for help, yet often feel flattered when someone else asks for our help (except for moving--don't ask me to help you move). Often all you need is an encouraging world or a few minutes' break chatting with a friend.

    8. What would make a good soundtrack for today?

    If you find music motivating or relaxing, make up a few soundtracks using Spotify or a similar service, and listen to the most appropriate soundtrack for that day or part of the day.

    9. What would be a good mantra for today?

    This can be an inspirational quote or just a saying and you can tailor it to whatever is going on with you. For instance, if you're facing a daunting task you might choose "one step at a time," and take a deep breathe as you say it silently to yourself.

    10. What can you do to make sure you get enough sleep tonight?

    Some examples: no caffeine after (whichever time you find is the cut-off for you), no looking at any screens for the hour before bedtime, not eating anything for a couple of hours before bedtime (or eating a little snack that helps you sleep, like a banana) if that helps you fall asleep.

    11. BONUS QUESTION: What's a book you've been meaning to read and when can you find the time today to read the first chapter or ten pages?

    It's so easy to get out of the habit of reading for pleasure but so rewarding to reconnect with it.

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