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10 random things that drive me nuts

I try, I really try to keep myself in check. I've got a good friend who teaches Stoicism, and I envy him. But to be totally honest, I get riled up by the stupidest of little things. So here's a silly list of them

10 random things that drive me nuts

    1. The junk drawer in my kitchen.

    I try to organize it with little trays. It looks so nice when I'm done.

    When someone else throws the wrong pair of scissors or a handfull of crapp tiewraps in there, I just can't stand it.

    Yes, I then throw random crap in there too. I'm not saying I'm not the one that drives me nuts.

    Do I do anything about it? Of course not. Because I'm OCD, but I'm also lazy.

    2. People who drive at night without their headlights on

    I blame the car manufactures on this one. Newer models with cool LED daytime running lights and digital dash displays trick the drivers into not realizing that noone behind them has any idea they are there.

    And there's no decent way to let them know they are lazy and stupid. Er, I mean they have been made to look foolish

    3. Productive software that is designed or operates poorly

    This one has a specific reference - the rental quoting software I am forced to use at my job. It's a database, but there's no way to save your work without exiting the document you're working on. And it crashes all the time, so if it crashes and you haven't exited and reopened your quote, you'll lose all your work.

    Oh, and the pop-up dialog boxes are inconsistant with what the Tab and Enter keys do.

    I'm just scratching the surface here...

    4. Nose and ear hair

    I mean mine. Yours just looks funny.

    I'm in my 50s, so it's a thing. My wife got me a really good trimmer for Christmas.

    She's so much better than l deserve.

    5. The inner seals on sour cream, yogurt, cream cheese, etc. containers

    When they are left half-on once the package has been opened and the lid is put back on.

    Just take the little foil thing off and THROW IT AWAY!

    6. The tingling i get in my hand when I've held my phone for too long.

    Tells me I should probably put the fool thing down and go for a walk.

    7. Restaurant tables that wobble

    And the server tries to put a napkin or matchbook (does anybody use matchbooks anymore? ) under one of the feet, after saying "yeah, this table is bad" but it doesn't work, again.

    The feet have adjustable pegs on them. Take 30 seconds and fix it. Or tell your manager to get it fixed. Or something. Just do something (besides the napkin thing)

    Yes, I know that servers are overworked and shouldn't have to perform maintenence functions on top of dealng with jerks like me. But don't just accept it. Be better than that.

    8. Motorcycles zooming between lanes on busy roads when traffic is slow.

    Yes, I need to watch for them, but if they get pancaked because someone goes to change lanes and isn't expecting you to just appear out of nowhere going 25 miles an hour when the rest of us are doing 2 and a half, then the blame is solely on you, Johnny Blaze.

    We're all late, too. Wait in the three lane wide, four mile long parking lot with the rest of us.

    9. Veggies that I bought six weeks ago but never ate, so they're an unrecognizable mush in the produce drawer of our fridge.

    Gross and shameful.
    My wife will just leave them for me to take care of because she primarily uses the frozen ones. This I deserve.

    10. Running out of tortilla chips when there's still salsa.

    Our the other way around. Either one.

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