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10 Random Wiki Searches and My Thoughts

I did about 100 searches and picked my favorite 10. Not being able to walk well and having a brand new laptop has it's advantages:)

    1. Edna Frances Heidbreder

    I said outloud.."uuuuuh I LOVE HER" She explored the study of history.
    Heidbreder attended Columbia University in New York in 1921 and earned her PhD by 1924.[1] Her dissertation was entitled An Experimental Study of Thinking.[1] - wiki
    Yup I am going to go see if I can read that now.
    @JamesAltucher I think you would find this article interesting.

    2. National Register of Historic Places listings in Chenango County, New York

    Bates Round Barn built in 1928. Totally interesting. I want to research this builder now. Who was that creative in the 1920s that they are like let's build a round barn? It looks almost other worldly.

    3. Ernst Sagebiel

    He was an architect for Hitler. He built the Reich Air Force Ministry and the building looks pretty cool. It looks like he used larger bricks in the building and I really like how it changes a normally boring building into something interesting.

    Not really a big fan because my grandfather was in a concentration camp. But even people who work for horrible people can build cool things. Makes you think.

    4. Cèilidh Club

    I skipped through a bunch of random wiki links because I had nothing to say about them. I almost skipped this one but I liked what Ceilidh means a place where people come together to provide entertainment for each other.

    I went to the website and people were scottish country dancing. I want to go now.

    5. Eurema simulatrix

    A yellow butterfly. I love butterflies! Butterflies and Moths come from the Order : Lepidoptera. I think it might be one of my favorite Orders.

    6. Dickie Bird

    He was a cricket umpire and people liked him because of his eccentricities. He would very rarely give anyone an LBW(out) and if he did no one would doubt that it was really an out. I wonder how similar an LBW in Cricket is to an out in baseball. I like eccentric people.

    7. PVH (company)

    Totally interesting. Never heard of this company and they own a lot of companies that I have heard of. Does everyone just get bored of owning a company and figure I can make a lot of money and do something more interesting if I sell to a bigger company or is it like in Yellowstone and Beth Dutton goes in there kicks some booty and takes that sh*t for a bit of money. I think this is why I don't own a company. I would get too attached. I'd be like Mark Zuckerberg.

    8. Michael German

    He'd be an interesting guy to have at a dinner party. He was FBI who went undercover with white supremacists and militant groups. He was a whistleblower and just shook stuff up.

    9. Doug Irwin

    Built Jerry Garcia's Guitars. I guess guitar builders are called a luthier. Interesting. Jerry wanted all of the guitars to go to Doug. But his bandmates did not agree. They went to court and Doug only got two. Did he tell the bandmates one thing and Doug another? or were his bandmates just dicks? I know nothing about the grateful dead.

    10. Wolfbane (Novel) 1959

    Science fiction is so out there. A few science fiction novels came up and I picked this one because it opens with a man who is meditating. I find that very different for the 1950s. I like it.

    I have maybe 10 book ideas and one of them just came to me last week. I want to write a book about what it would be like to live on Earth if Earth was the size of Jupiter. Would we be able to see all of our planet in our lifetime? of course if all laws of the universe didn't exist and we could survive on such a planet. How many different cultures would there be? How different would we be as people?

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