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10 Reading Resources I Use Other than Books and Blogs/Articles

There are many resources online for inspiration and learning.
Here is a list of resources I sometimes read when I am not holding a book.

    1. Form S-1 for IPO

    S-1 documents are great for learning about a company and its products or services. A lot of work goes into preparing to go public (IPO).
    You can learn a lot about operating a business by reading S-1 documents.

    Facebook S-1 https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1326801/000119312512034517/d287954ds1.htm

    2. Letter to shareholders

    I mostly read Jef Bezos's letter to shareholders. Very inspiring.
    I will probably summarize what I have read in an idea list.

    3. Open Letters

    I like reading open letters. I haven't read many. I sometimes read Carl Icahn's.

    4. Success Stories

    Reading success stories helps me see what other tools, architectures, and philosophies are there to solve a problem.

    5. Film scripts

    I wanted to get better at storytelling and understand how movies are made. So I started reading film scripts online.

    6. Poems

    I simply love poems

    7. Twitter Threads

    A lot of great content!

    8. Amazon Reviews

    Mostly when I want to purchase an item ¥

    9. Old email threads

    Reading old communication to see if I evolved.

    10. Idea lists in NotePD

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