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10 Reasons Why I should Get Better at Chess

I really like chess and have been playing it on and off since I was 9. Over the past few years, I've been devoting more time to my gameplay and have been improving little by little. Now, I'm at the point where, if I want to see improvement, I need to commit to putting in more effort. Let' see if I can overcome my laziness by convincing myself that this is a worthy pursuit!

    1. I enjoy chess, so why not try to be good at it?

    I really like playing chess, so I think it makes sense for me to put in the effort needed for improvement. A sort of "do what you love" mentality, if you will.

    2. Credibility

    I want to be taken seriously when I say that "I play chess." Being somewhat decent will enable this.

    3. The optics of chess are quite positive, if a bit nerdy

    In my experience, decent chess players are perceived as being intelligent, thoughtful, and strategic. I really like these optics, and I'd like to apply them to myself in earnest.

    4. I want to hone a skill

    A lot of people think chess requires creativity or genius, but so much of chess is about practice, tenacity, and study. It's a skill, like so many other things. I want to work hard and apply myself, with the goal of seeing results.

    5. I want to be disciplined and rigorous

    Kind of similar to my last point-- to improve a skill, you need to work diligently. I like working hard to improve myself because it makes me feel like I'm growing, and because I like rising to meet challenges. Chess is one such "challenge" towards which I can work.

    6. Chess is a lifelong hobby, and it'll never get old

    Of all the hobbies to devote myself to, chess is one of the most rewarding and long-lasting. Unlike sports, which might become more difficult as I age, chess will be accessible to me as long as I have my mind (so hopefully for a while...).

    7. Chess may present an opportunity to be a monetizable side hustle

    I wonder if there isn't an opportunity to turn my chess journey into some sort of side hustle. I know The Queen's Gambit was mega popular, but I think there's still some novelty in women who are interested in chess. Now, my unique voice definitely won't center on my skill level, but there could totally be space to explore blog ideas, a Youtube/Twitch channel, or other venues for content creation.

    8. Chess is a networking/friend-making opportunity

    I find that I get along very well with people who like to play chess, most of the time. If I continue improving my game, I could use chess as a conversation starter for both networking purposes and to make friends.

    9. I want to improve my concentration

    Chess requires focus and concentration, so by playing it I can improve my ability to concentrate.

    10. I'd like to be more patient

    Chess also requires patience, and forethought, for success. I know I can be impulsive, and although there's value in acting on instinct, I think improving my chess game will force me to go slower and craft long-term plans in order to reach my goals.

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