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10 reasons I should take an interview, even though I'm not planning a job change

I'm very happy in my current role, but this month I've been approached with a few new job opportunities. Although I don't intend to take a new job anytime soon, I think it would probably be a good idea for me to take some interviews. Here are a few reasons why.

    1. To know my worth on the market

    It's really hard to know this, so I can consider interviews as primary research. Equipped with this information, I'll be able to gauge whether I'm fairly paid in my current role and to take action from there.

    2. To practice selling myself

    Selling is definitely a critical skill. If I can market myself, I'll be well placed to benefit from opportunities life throws my way.

    3. To see what else is out there

    This is vague, but what I'm trying to get at is: I only know what I know. Maybe I'll discover new technologies, inspiring people, or important missions that I haven't come across before by interviewing for different employers.

    4. To learn what skills are in demand

    Corollary to this: and to start working on/getting better at these skills

    5. To gain exposure to other sectors

    My technical skills can be applied across sectors, so interviewing could help me see if there's a sector that's more interesting to me than my current one.

    6. To make new connections for the future

    Who knows: maybe I'll really hit it off with an interviewer, or a company. Then I could keep in touch with them and potentially have a career change conversation in the future.

    7. To explore alternative career trajectories

    I can see a few distinct career trajectories for myself at the moment. Interviewing for different roles could help me get a sense of the different day-to-days I could experience, and what each career path might look like.

    8. There could be enough of an incentive to change my mind

    This might actually deserve the #1 slot on this list. I guess I should be on the lookout for an offer I can't refuse.

    9. To boost my ratings on LinkedIn's algortihm

    I have no idea if this is true, so please take this item with a grain of salt: if LinkedIn's algorithm takes engagement into account, I may come up in more job searches if I engage with more employers and take more interviews. This could lead to more opportunities.

    NB. I get recruited exclusively on LinkedIn, so, for me, this list is LinkedIn-specific

    10. To make sure my interviewing skills don't get rusty.

    Use them or lose them, as they say.

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