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10 reasons it's better to teach at Public vs. Parochial schools

I can't believe I already have 10. Am I just trying to justify my decision?

    1. Shorter Year

    Kids start September 12 and end May 26th. Crazy!

    2. More Pay

    I got between a 20-25 % pay boost. Ridiculous.

    3. More Resources for Me

    One of the teachers said " Have you gotten your computer yet?" I said "no, is it like a 15 year old dell?" she said " No way! It's a macbook" Whaaaa?? It's a lease computer but still. I am going to into a poorer city. I didn't think computers would be a thing in preschool classrooms.

    4. More Resources for Kids

    Social Worker, Speech Therapist. 4 Head Teachers and 9 assistants! That's insane.

    5. Free Panera Bread on Wednesdays.

    So I am kind of off of Gluten but the principal goes to Panera Bread on Tuesdays to pick up day old bread and hands it out. I mean it's not a catered meal but day old bread from Panera.. um if I am really needing a fix. Yes Please.

    6. Bathrooms

    Bathrooms in every classroom. It's a 50 year old building so they might not be great but umm. love it.

    7. No Jesus Talk

    I can't even talk about Jesus if I wanted to.

    8. Friday's for Planning

    This is only for my program but omg! Its actually scheduled in.

    9. Free Lunches or Semi Free

    I asked during my interview if I could also partake in the free lunches provided by the state. I really don't like having to pack my lunch the night before. She said sure.. it might be a few dollars but I am sure we can work it out. The church was not about it.

    10. Group Professional Development

    We get paid to do Professional Development together. I don't have to go home and do it. It's scheduled. I love it!

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