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10 Reasons Streaming Shows/Movies isn't all that great

Streaming services are good if you live in a place without a public library. Otherwise, skip it.

    1. The selection is better at the public library

    At least at the Toronto one, they have 90 per cent of the shows and movies everyone's talking about. They even have stuff that you just can't access on streaming.

    2. Streaming messes with your sleep

    A girl I met once told me she goes on Netflix when she can't sleep. Netflix once said sleep was their biggest competitor.

    3. Streaming costs money

    My library has DVDs you can borrow and streaming services like Hoopla.

    4. Streaming eats away at your time

    These services want you on their platforms as long as possible. At least if you take a one-at-a-time approach you space everything out.

    5. There are better things to do

    In Seth Stephens-Davidowitz's book "Don't Trust Your Gut" (and who was on @JamesAltucher's podcast) there's chart of activities from the Mappiness survey that actually brought happiness to people. You know what was near the bottom? Watching movies and TV.

    6. Too much stuff

    There's too much being created these days. How can you keep up? Maybe you can't.

    7. You might melt your brain

    Remember in "This is 40" when Maude Apatow's character binges Lost and Paul Rudd goes "That will melt your brain"?

    8. Let's talk about binging

    I borrowed the X-Files a few times from the library and every episode in a season was at about 45 minutes. A TV season is 5 hours now or something. You could do it in a day. Why is that normal?

    9. Harms your eyesight

    At least if you're at your computer working it's purpose driven and there's a result you're working towards, so reduced visibility seems like the price of admission. Same for if you're studying. But what about streaming?

    10. People who stream seem boring

    It's makes for great water-cooler talk, but I've noticed that people who do nothing but talk about shows aren't that interesting, nor do they do anything besides that.

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