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10 Reasons this is a great weekend

    1. I spent time enjoying the ocean.

    Mostly looking at it and listening to it since it felt like walking into a freezer.

    2. That time was also spent with two close friends - my chosen family.

    One has a 2.5yr old who is the sweetest thing. We danced in the crazy cold water. 

    3. We also spent time with my brother-in-law & his family.

    They're some of the best people I know.

    4. It’s the end of all of my kid’s summer camps.

    I have spent a crazy amount of time chueffering him around. 

    5. Friday night date night

    Every (almost) Friday night my partner and I make it a date and go to the butcher shop, grocery store, and do some other random things together. Sometimes it's a movie, or grabbing ice cream, but it's always fun and the perfect start to the weekend. 

    6. Fitness

    Early morning gym session to start my Sunday off right. 

    7. Fog

    The fog stayed over the ocean all morning and early afternoon. It was gorgeous. 

    8. Free time

    I purposely left most of my Sunday open in order to allow myself some time to do anything I'd like. Not having a set obligation is relaxing. 

    9. I’m healthy

    And making progress in areas to improve my health. My family is healthy too.

    10. I am almost ready to plan my next hike

    I love hiking. I tend to hike either solo or with a specific companion. Last summer I injured my shoulder when I fell on it by slipping and falling in a water park, and then a month and a half later jerked the same shoulder back when I fell down the stairs - terrible fucking luck. I was able to accomplish a few hikes after but had to halt that as it was hurting my shoulder much more. The orthopaedic dr was useless and pushed for surgery all the while forgetting vital details from my chart, but I learned some stuff in physical therapy. My shoulder may possibly never be the same, but I've done enough work in the gym and with packs to feel much more confident that I can get out again soon. 

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