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Bill Bergeman


10 Reasons To Follow Your Heart

Are you investing your rare and precious time doing that for which your heart longs?

    1. Because if it weren't for most people and for society, you would so naturally follow your heart that you wouldn't even know that you were following it.

    You would just do it, like breathing, walking, and smiling.

    2. Because, eventually, sooner or later, if you take the sensible path, you will be unhappy.

    Something will tug within you, telling you there is a small ache, a tiny annoyance, an itch that needs to be scratched but can't be reached. You'll not be happy because you're not doing what YOU decided to do; rather, you're doing what OTHERS want you to do.

    3. Because if you follow your heart, you'll eventually come around to the same rewards that you'll receive on the sensible path.

    It's usually a much longer, more treacherous trail, but eventually, both trails end in the same place. The journey is the difference.

    4. Because choosing to do things that others want you to do makes you their tool.


    5. Because following your heart always makes you more attractive to everyone than falling in line.

    6. Because it FEELS GOOD to follow your heart!

    7. Because no one in the world will ever have your best interests at heart more than you do.

    8. Because the rewards are so much richer, so much brighter, and felt so much more deeply, than being part of the normal crowd.

    9. Because it's better for your mental health, physical health, emotional health, and spiritual health.

    10. Because this is it. This is the only life we will ever have.

    Even if there is an afterlife, even if there is reincarnation, even if you continue to exist in some other form, you can not deny that THIS life will come to end and will never return. So, do it now!

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