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10 reasons to spend money on "It Takes Two"

    1. It's the best video game for couples

    Well, because it's a game for two players about a couple. What can be better?

    2. It teaches you to collaborate

    As with any co-op game, this one is all about helping each other, waiting for each other, taking their gamepad in your own hands just to help with a jump or whatever. It's awesome. You are not one for yourself, cause it's One for All - All for One

    3. It helps you to get to know your partner from a different angle (or additional angle)

    You can see what scares them, what triggers their memories, and what makes them scream with joy. You might know all of this before but I believe something might be totally new for you.

    4. It makes you remember everything

    The game is genius. It covers the whole timeline of relationship. Like the time when you first met, your first date, your marriage, or starting a family. So you are processing it through yourself too. One more time you are starting to think about the whole path you have passed together.

    5. It has magical locations

    And these locations also bring you a lot of your own memories and associations.

    6. It gives you minimum 4 evenings of play time

    Minimum 4 evenings of quality time together and joy.

    7. It has great soundtrack


    8. You will find your self constantly smiling while playing the game

    Your partner will smile too. It could be a cozy location, some cute moment, or a funny character. You might accidentally kick your partner into the void and now they want revenge.

    9. You will find a common frenemy

    No spoilers. It will unite you one more time.

    10. You will understand that despite the game being over the work on the relationships would never be

    So good luck.

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