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10 Reasons to Stay in the Corporate Rat Race

For all the downsides of corporate life, it has its upsides too.

    1. In the U.S., just about every corporate job will offer you at least one option for health insurance

    This is huge. In other countries, where health insurance is provided by the state, individuals can get by without needing to be employed. In the U.S. our health insurance is tied to our employer, which has many implications. Purchasing health insurance as a self-employed person can be prohibitively expensive, especially in certain states and if you have certain pre-existing conditions.

    2. Most corporate positions offer some sort of tax-advantaged retirement account

    Again, there are alternatives available for the self-employed, but most corporates will match at least a small percentage of your retirement contributions as well. This can incentivize savings.

    3. The Corporate world is a great place to network

    Network with your colleagues, your bosses, your clients, the people down the hall... the opportunities to get to know people are manifold.

    4. In some workplaces, you can be surrounded by very smart people

    You can learn so much from the people you surround yourself with, and certain companies attract incredible, inspiring talent.

    5. Learning the in's and out's of big businesses can help you learn more about how businesses function in the real world

    This is especially true for younger employees who might be new to the workforce. Plus, if you harbor ambitions of one day selling products or services to big companies, knowing how they operate can help you refine your strategy.

    6. Free coffee and, often, free food at the office

    Food is such a fun perk. There's something special about eating food you didn't prepare at home.

    7. Corporations can present opportunities for innovation

    Most big businesses embody inefficiency, in one form or another. Developing solutions to corporate inefficiencies and challenges is definitely a business opportunity, and where better to spot these opportunities than from the inside.

    8. Corporate life is predictable on the day-to-day

    This is in contrast with entrepreneurial life, or life at a start-up, which is more dynamic and is constantly in flux. For individuals who value predictability, this is a plus.

    9. If you're shrewd and willing and knowledgeable enough to "play the game," you can advance quickly and earn your living well.

    People are looking to get different things out of life. Corporate jobs can provide you with a good living, time for social activities, and stability.

    10. Working at certain corporations can be a strong signal on your resume

    To go places in life, we often have to share our past experiences with the world. We can be articulate, well-informed, and interesting, but it can mean more to have others vouch for us than for us to talk about ourselves. Certain workplaces lend current and former employees immediate credibility and show that the person is smart and competent in the eyes of a recognized authority.

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