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10 reasons traditional airlines are actually better than discount airlines

Inspiration for this list: today’s Spirit flight. Of course, it goes without saying that discount airlines’ major selling point is their low price. Jury’s out on whether the benefits of traditional airlines outweigh these

    1. Meals and Snacks

    Call me crazy, but I actually look forward to airplane food. it’s something you can’t get anywhere else!

    2. Free Blankets

    Airline blankets aren’t the coziest, but they really do the job well. Every time I fly, I make sure to grab an extra blanket or two on my way out— they’re always useful at home.

    3. Personal Hygiene Pouches

    These vary in quality depending on the airline, but sometimes they can include fantastic mini shampoos, toothbrushes, and even perfume and moisturizer.

    4. More options in the event of delays and cancellations

    The title speaks for itself here. Many discount airlines only operate one flight per day, which makes it hard to have alternatives.

    5. (negligibly) Larger seats

    And seats that recline! oftentimes with foot reste!

    6. Decently-sized tray tables

    the tray table on my flight today was absurdly small. I couldn’t even fit my tablet on it without it falling down.

    7. Fewer and less desperate emails trying to get me to upgrade

    These can actually be funny. But, after the tenth email, they start to get pretty tiresome

    8. Not having to pay to talk to an employee at the airport

    Can you believe this costs $10?!

    9. Somewhat useful and transferable rewards programs

    contrast this with a budget airline membership, which costs money and seems to have very few perks.

    10. Budget airlines are permanently chock full

    And so you never have the opportunity to move to a free row or switch seats.

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