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10 Reasons why I am Interesting

I occasionally ask guys on dating sites to tell me 3 things that make them interesting. The more interesting the more excited I get about a person. I decided if I will come up with 10. I do this about once a year. I create 10 things about me that are interesting. If they are the same as last year.. things need to change. So far they have not been the same. It's a great way to start conversations. I think this could be great for any conversations. Dating sites are just more awkward.

    1. I just got back from Scandinavia.

    I find that totally interest. If you have traveled I want to know everything about your experience.

    2. I want to start a podcast. I don't expect anything instead of accountability.

    and yet I am still frozen. I think I will work on that this week.

    3. I am binge watching Veronica Mars even though I don't like Kristin Bell that much.

    It takes me back to college. The mini mini skirts and the obnoxiousness of it all.

    4. I have decided to learn German.

    I find that totally interesting. Why did I start? That would be a great conversation.

    5. I put Allulose and Goat's Milk in my coffee.

    I am sure few people do this and it is a good story to tell.

    6. I'd rather random wiki than watch the news.

    I don't think anyone would know what random wiki is.

    7. I am 75% sure I am going to cancel Hulu and subscribe to Masterclass.

    My experience on Delta watching was amazing.

    8. My perfect seasonal year..

    7 months of fall, 3 months of spring and 1 month of each winter and summer. Randomly dispersed.

    9. I want to take more pictures this year.

    In order for my TV Screensaver to look cooler.

    10. Tracing a Map of the World

    I am currently tracing a map of the world for an art project. I am learning a lot of things about different areas of the world.

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