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10 Reasons why its good to have 5 sources of income

I have multiple sources of income right now and I am exhausted but I need to remember why it's good

    1. I dont have time to ponder

    Life isn't really easy right now. My dad is in mid to late stages of ALS. It sucks. I live in a friend's basement because we can't afford rent right now. Even with the 5 sources. I am single and not married and I'm almost 40. Oh and I want babies. You see this pondering thing is bad, better to make money instead.

    2. Meet New People

    When I house sit I meet new people in the new towns. Working as a hostess I meet new people all the time.

    3. I am able to do my love job.

    I love children. If I didn't have these other sources of income I wouldn't be able to teach.

    I wouldn't laugh 100s of times a day at the weird things they do.

    I wouldn't get hugged 20xs a day.

    I wouldn't be able to go noodle.

    4. I can help people

    I can help my dad instead of someone outside of the family. I can help my friends daughter get her homework done each night.

    5. I can afford to keto meal delivery service.

    I dont have to make lunch anymore. I will get keto meals delivered to me. I am so afraid to eat bread and sugar.

    6. I am tired at the end of the day.

    Like exhausted. I could sleep through anything.

    7. Things dont piss me off as much.

    The weird noise the air conditioner makes. Psh. Who cares. I'm tired.

    8. I get to drive my magical new car.

    I leased a subaru impreza in 2020. I can talk to people through it. It warns me about things. It connects to my phone automatically. I can lock it from my phone!!!!

    9. I spend less time spending money.

    I dont have time. I am not collecting more crap that I don't need.

    10. I havent binged watched every show on tv.

    I did that back when I only had 2 jobs. Not anymore. No time.

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