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10 Reasons Why This is Going to be an Amazing Week


    1. 4th of July

    I am doing something for the 4th of July. I have been single most of my life. I am usually alone on the 4th of July or working. Its not that fun being alone on holidays. Even if it's just small ones. I was invited to go to the a 4th of July Family Party with a friend. I have no idea who I will meet or what I will do and I am excited!

    2. Willoughby Witbier

    The brewery/restaurant that I work at is selling this amazing light beer that tastes magical. It's light and delicious. I bought an 8 pack and I am going to just unwind and drink it today. I might not make it through all 8.

    3. Happy Hour

    I am going to Happy Hour on Tuesday with a lunch aide that I worked with at my old school. She is like a really supportive Italian Mother. She hypes me up and makes me feel like I am the greatest thing on earth. I never do happy hour but I am excited.

    4. Dad

    I get to spend some time with my dad on Wednesday. He can't really talk but I can talk. We will watch some great show or movie. He's still here and that's good enough for now

    5. Therapy

    I am always excited about therapy. There is a bit for me to unpack this week. I am up for it.

    6. Finish Paperwork for New Job

    I am finishing the paperwork for my new job this week. Yay!

    7. No Work Until 13th

    I have 9 days off. I get to move at my own pace. I can finish the last two seasons of Gilmore Girls.

    8. Free Photo Shoot

    I incredibly vulunerable in front of a camera. I feel like I have 1 good camera angle. I think I only look good in selfies. I think this will be good for me. I am incredibly nervous but also hopeful.

    9. Poshmark

    I can start taking photos for Poshmark and selling clothes. I have too many clothes.

    10. Weekend Off

    I rarely have weekends off. There was a scheduling snafu with my sister and dog sitting and it turned out she didn't need me this weekend. I can do things. I can go out with people.

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