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10 reasons why you need to have more fierce conversations

Highly recommend Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott

    1. Everybody has a conversation they've been avoiding. Having the conversation means you have more energy to move forward

    Maybe it's something at work. Maybe it's with your partner. Maybe it's with your family.

    2. Life is all about conversations (conversations with others, conversations with yourself)

    So having the best conversations you can helps your life

    3. Fierce conversations are about exploring the reality together

    No one person holds the truth. A conversation is about bringing to light all the 'truths' that everyone sees.

    4. Fierce conversations help you get at the root of a problem

    If you're not tackling the root of a problem, the problem will come up time and time again

    5. Fierce conversations can save broken relationships

    Imagine having the most difficult conversations about the topic you need to talk about most. Marriages, broken work relationships, friendships, family relationships would be saved.

    6. It's difficult. That's why we need to have them.

    There's a reason why all of us need to have conversations that we need to have with others. It's because we've been avoiding them. And that's why we need to have them.

    7. Fierce conversations can also be about understanding what you contributed to the problem

    Often times, you have done something that has impacted the relationship.

    8. Usually, someone may be experiencing challenges elsewhere. Having fierce conversations helps them see that they're just one conversation away from getting better.

    9. Fierce conversations get at the heart of the matter

    One thing I learned: don't ask how the other person is doing. Don't try to use an oreo sandwich technique (sandwiching a criticism with positives). Don't try to say too many positive things to harshen the blow. Name the problem.

    10. Fierce conversations are about win win

    The other person gets to say how they are feeling and their perspective. And you both agree on a go forward plan.

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