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10 Reasons Why You Need To Save for Retirement

Everyone must try and prepare for a decent retirement.

    1. You earned it! Prepare now so that when you are 70 you can enjoy everything that you have worked so hard on.

    2. Social Security will not be enough. Plain and simple.

    3. Relieve the stress. During the last chapters of your life, you want to be able to enjoy life and travel and give.

    4. Travel. You want to be able to go see the world before you go to the next.

    5. Eat Well. When I retire, I want to eat wonderful meals in wonderful restaurants all the time.

    6. Your Health. We work so hard everyday. We don't know what our health will be like in our 70's, 80's and maybe 90's. It may not be what you expect. What if you need assistance? It will be very, very expensive.

    7. Retirement for me means Retirement. I don't want to work in a parking lot booth to make ends meet. I want to Retire.

    8. Volunteer. I hope to do some type of volunteer work some day. Something cool. You can't help others until you help yourself first.

    9. The Beach. I love the beach and the salty, ocean water. I want to go to the beach everyday.

    10. Your children. Save now so your children don't have to take care of you financially. They probably won't be able to afford to by then.

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