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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Talk (National) Politics Almost Ever

Especially on social media or in group chats.

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Talk (National) Politics Almost Ever

    1. Politicians Don't Care About You

    Well, national politicians don't know you. You are faceless number, if that, to them. You're a vote, a donation, and a problem if you're on the other side.

    2. You Know Less Than Nothing About Why Any Political Action Happens

    You think you know, because you took a civics class one time, or read a pop poli-sci book at the airport, or you watched the news (HA). But, you have no clue. You're reacting to emotional clickbait headlines without any idea as to how the game is played.

    3. You Sound Like a Jerk 99% of the Time

    It's hard to have a real conversation about politics even with people you've known your whole life. Now imagine infinite numbers of anonymous nobodies all trying to yell in your face at the same time. It's worthless - and worse, leads to you sounding like a jerk. Because you know less than nothing and nobody cares what you think you know either. They just want to shout at you.

    4. You Aren't Changing Anyone's Mind. Or Vote.

    Whatever you think your persuasive argument is against "the other side" it is going to fall on deaf ears if you're trying to "convert" your political opponents (why do you have political opponents anyway?). So, why are you trying?

    5. You Probably Are Wrong About How You've Interpreted Your "Side's" Position

    Oh, and don't forget, there are probably 100s of politicians on 'your side' in the country who have different flavors of the "approved party line" and stance on issues. There is no group of people who acts in lockstep every single time on every issue every single vote.

    6. The "Middle" Doesn't Exist Either

    You can stop pretending there's some magical "middle" party who is always balanced and nuanced. It doesn't exist. People online are extreme. Anyone in the political chatter arena is on one side or the other. Forget about this magical middle. The "middle" are all the people who don't vote or don't care and are trying to stay away from people like you because you yell at them all the time about things that don't matter.

    7. You End Up Defending The Actions of Sociopaths

    If your side is for a particular war, ask yourself why. If the other side is for a particular war, ask yourself why. Then remember that your "side's" war is no more justified than theirs. So, stop defending people who are making decisions on things that lead to horrific outcomes. Nobody is right about this stuff. You're probably wrong about how you've interpreted your side's position and you know less than nothing about how the political game is played.

    8. You Won't Admit You Were Wrong and Change Your Mind When You Need To

    Part of being able to grow as a person is admitting that you were wrong and learn from your mistakes. Politics is such that you're unable to do this because of the cognitive dissonance that results from having your "correct" view get blown out of the water by facts later on.

    There are probably 5 or 6 example of this, on a massive scale, from the past 5 years alone.

    Few people have publicly said, "I got it wrong and I'm sorry. Let's do the right thing now."

    Almost nobody. You won't either.

    9. I Bet You Didn't Even Vote

    Enough said.

    10. You're Not Focusing on Local Politics, Where Your Voice Actually Matters

    If you can't name your local town leaders and representatives, you need to figure out your priorities. These people live near you. Their actions CAN affect your life. You need to get to know them. Depending on the size of your municipality, they might actually care about you! Your kids might go to school together. You share an interest in your immediate safety and wellbeing.

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