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10 Reasons You Should Be Optimistic About the Future

    1. AI will do all the jobs humans don't want to do.

    In the future, AI will be able to do even more jobs than it does today.

    A janitor, for example, can be replaced by an AI that monitors all the doors in a building and reports when they are open longer than they should be. A driver can be replaced by an AI that drives your car. A cashier can be replaced by an AI that scans items as customers walk by. Even a doctor can be partially replaced (as I explain below) but also augmented with AI to help diagnose diseases and suggest treatments.

    In other words, humans will only have to do jobs they WANT to do (and what is left).

    For instance, maybe there’s no need for me to write this article. An AI could just scan my twitter feed and figure out what I’m interested in writing about at this moment and then write the article for me. But I like writing so I’ll continue doing it regardless of whether or not there is any economic value in it (there probably isn’t). So if you see an article written by an AI tomorrow, don’t blame the AI. Blame me!

    Also note that “all the jobs” doesn’t mean “all jobs” because there will still be new fields created that we haven’t even thought of yet because of AI (like how Uber created a new field called ridesharing). But most people won't have to work 40 hours a week if they don't want to (even though many people still might want to work 40 hours a week because they love their job or whatever).

    2. The world is getting smaller thanks to air travel and internet communication. In 1914, if you wanted to meet someone in China you had two options: 1) die or 2) wait 100 years since it would take a ship that long to get there. Now you can

    And thanks to air travel, you don't even have to go halfway around the world anymore if you want something from another country. Let's say I'm writing this list from Japan and wanting some coffee from Ethiopia (which has one of the best coffees in the world). All I'd have to do is order some on Amazon Prime and it'll arrive within 24 hours! And if I'm feeling really lazy (and poor), then maybe I'll just watch some Japanese TV while drinking Ethiopian coffee while thinking about how much better life was back when things were slower and more expensive than today but also more romantic . . . .

    3. Food is getting cheaper AND better quality AND healthier all at once

    You might think food costs too much these days but compared with 100 years ago, food costs have gone down dramatically due to technology such as refrigeration ships , etc

    And now with companies like Blue Apron delivering fresh ingredients right at your doorstep every week so you can cook your own meals instead of eating out every night , food quality has never been higher AND cheaper since it costs less than going out every night
    Also note that Blue Apron's stock price has gone up 400% since its IPO last month despite increased competition from other companies offering similar services
    (Note: I am not recommending buying Blue Apron's stock but only pointing out that sometimes stocks go up even when competition increases

    4. Education is getting cheaper thanks partly due t o online education platforms like Coursera , edX , Udacity , etc

    If you wanted a degree from Stanford University before 1995 then you had

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