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10 Reasons Younes Hairej Should Be Featured on The James Altucher Podcast

James, you don't even need to prepare for the interview. Everything you need is right here.

Let's make it happen! @JamesAltucher @jay_yow07

    1. He has the second-longest streak on NotePD behind James.

    James can ask Younes about how he got started on NotePD and what keeps him going every day.

    2. Younes already knows what he wants to discuss with James.

    See #9:

    3. There would be plenty to discuss because Younes provides the most creative idea lists on NotePD.

    Younes is so creative that I'm certain he could easily handle any question James asks him.

    4. Maybe James can convince Younes to finally publish his first book.

    Which we would all purchase and read!

    5. He's so smart he actually has patents.

    I don't know what any of this stuff means but it sounds pretty smart to me.

    6. Younes already has experience being interviewed on a podcast so he's sure to be a good guest.

    This is a terrific interview; give it a listen:

    7. He's a start-up founder so James is bound to have great questions to ask him.

    8. Younes knows about a lot of cool Japanese stuff and can discuss the culture in depth.

    This item is discussed in greater depth during the interview referenced in #6.

    9. He can trade dating advice with James!

    10. They can discuss James' favorite idea list from NotePD.

    I've heard and read James reference this list multiple times, and it's good fodder for discussion:

    11. BONUS: The interview can be a great opportunity to promote NotePD to James' audience and help grow the user base.

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