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10 Recovery Aphorisms that Help in Daily Life

Recovery is a lifestyle - and I personally believe that many principles that are shared in rooms across the country are valuable to everyone - not just those who struggle with any type of brokenness.

Here's a list of helpful sayings to remember as you go through your day...

    1. Unexpressed Expectations are Reserved Resentments

    If you have an expectation - and we all do - if you don't express it in a healthy way - you are on the path to resenting someone.

    It's never a good thing to be in resentment!

    2. You Can't control People, Places or Things

    But you can control your response, your attitude, your next actions.

    3. Change your Playgrounds and Your Playmates

    We truly are like those we hang around.

    And, if certain places cause you problems - you need to evaluate why they are a problem in your life - and see if you can minimize being there.

    4. A Half Truth is a Whole Lie

    We like "little white lies" in our culture.

    I know I've used them with my son and others.

    This saying leads me to want to be more intentional with my words - and not lead anyone on unintentionally.

    5. Do the Next Right Thing

    You can't control things that have happened in the past - but you can control what you do next.

    6. It's None of my Business What Other People Think of Me

    This one is tough for me. I'm a people pleaser.

    But it's not my job to manage other peoples expectations of me. That's on them.

    7. Share your Experience, Strength and Hope

    Each of us have areas where we've battled and come through the other side.

    We have the battle scars and the stories to share with others who haven't experienced the same things we have.

    8. Be on Guard for the Unguarded Moment

    I used to get triggered at Christmas-time when we would visit my hometown and extended family.

    I wasn't prepared to be upset and angry. But, as I've grown, I realize that I have to guard myself before doing certain activities.

    9. HALT! (Are You Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired?)

    HALT is a simple tool when you are feeling like crap and want to do something stupid.

    Run thru the letters.

    Am I Hungry? Eat Something.
    Am I Angry? Call someone or journal it out.
    Am I Lonely? Call someone, go to lunch with a friend, spend time with your family.
    Am I Tired? Take a NAP!

    10. Take it One Day At a Time

    There's a reason this phrase is used far and wide.

    It's all you have.

    You can't do anything about the days that have already passed. You can't project out into the future.

    You have to deal with is the here and the now. You need to make the most of it.

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