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10 "Self-Sabotaging" Misnomers Almost Everyone Unconsciously Uses (That Can Screw Up You Up... Big Time!)




a wrong or inaccurate name or designation.

"morning sickness is a misnomer for many women, since the nausea can occur any time during the day"

    1. Time Management

    Time is intangible. You can't actually manage it. Or touch it. Or eat it. But what you can do is manage yourself. And your habits. And how you use your time.

    2. Expert

    There's really no such thing as an "expert". The truth is... the more you learn... the less you realize you know... and the less skillfull you find yourself to actually be. The path to mastery is never ending.

    3. Priorities

    A priority is supposed to be the "one" most important thing at the moment. Having multiple priorities is like saying you have more than one best friend.

    4. Fact Checking

    Almost all facts are just opinions that are waiting to be disproven. When I was a kid, it was a fact that there were 10 planets in our solar system. Now there are only 8. It'll soon be 7.

    5. Pseudoscience

    Since most facts aren't facts, then almost all science is pseudoscience. Besides... almost every great scientific discovery contradicted commonly-accepted scientific "fact" at the time and was considered pseudoscience.

    6. Limit

    "There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them."

    ~ Bruce Lee

    7. Recession

    The economy's not going down. It's just going back to normal.

    8. Financial Crisis

    More millionaires are made during financial crises than at any other time. A more accurate description would be "Opportunity Boom".

    9. Black Friday

    With all the snow falling, and cash registers ringing, they should probably call it "White Friday".

    10. Social Media

    It's actually making everyone more and more anti-social by the day.

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