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10 services and products that YouTube course creators need and can use

I am late to this party but there is a huge industry of people talking into their computer online. What do they need? If it exists, have an affiliate link. If it does not exist, create it.

I have heard that Kajabi combines a lot of these backend services into one.

10 services and products that YouTube course creators need and can use

    1. Mic, lights and camera

    This is hardware that can be mixed and matched. From the built in web cam to $10k equipment.

    2. Streaming software

    I just started a subscription to Ecamm live. It acts like a production switching system all in software. There is also the open source/free OBD.

    3. Production calendar

    Keep track of what you are doing and when

    4. Editing services

    Taking a live stream and editing it into shorts, courses, or Instagram posts. Could be a person, AI or an agency.

    5. Engagement management

    People use YouTube live streaming. Dischord, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and others. it would be good to have one dashboard to keep track of your views. Hubspot and HootSuite do this: I'm sure there are others.

    6. Accounting software

    Maybe a spreadsheet, maybe something more sophisticated. Keep track of expenses and revenue. Could possibly be a plug in for other software like Quick Books.

    7. Promotions tracking

    Track the performance of links in your videos.

    8. Email list management

    Email lists are very lucrative. There needs to be a way to manage it.

    9. Course creation and hosting

    Teachable or Kajabi.

    10. Comment moderation and analysis across platforms

    Use AI to highlight good comments or ones that require a response

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