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10 services I've considered/used at some point but since stopped and am now interested in again

Life ebbs and flows, and I find myself coming back to elements of the past time and time again.

    1. Couchsurfing

    I think this is on my mind again because Airbnb is so expensive lately. I should start exploring alternatives.

    2. Bumble Friend

    I actually met a few really nice friends on here when I was living in London, but then Covid happened and we all fell out of tough. Since my experience was so good, I'd say it's worth another shot!

    3. Meetup

    I've heard about Meetup on many occasions but have never actually used it. I'd love to go to a chess meetup, or even a language meetup of some kind.

    4. A Language conversation partner

    ...On the subject of languages. A virtual partner or an in-person one could work just fine. I've had a virtual conversation partner a few different times, but it can be pretty hard to keep up. I think I really need to declare a commitment before I pull the trigger here.

    5. That Amazon services that tailors clothes perfectly for you

    I'm in the market for a few classic basics and, since I know fit is everything, I think this is a great place to start looking. The price point is surely more accessible than a real tailor.

    6. The Pret/Panera monthly hot drink subscription

    This seems like an incredible deal, and it'll be especially useful for me this month as I'm moving around a lot and don't have a regular office space.

    7. HBO Max

    There are a few series (e.g. The Wire) that I've been meaning to watch forever. The cold winter months are a great time to finally make time for these.

    8. A monthly beauty box

    Maybe I can convince a relative to gift me one of these for Christmas. They're quite inexpensive, so I wouldn't feel guilty putting one on my Christmas wishlist. Anyway, these just seem incredibly fun.

    9. Audible

    I love podcasts, so why not listen to certain books that I don't carve out the time to sit and read?

    10. The gym

    I've been traveling a lot lately, so I haven't really had a good exercise routine. This should be my New Year's Resolution.

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