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10 short pieces of life advice

    1. Money invested in growing and developing yourself is the best investment

    In other words, don't spend time deciding whether a book is worth it or not. It is.

    2. 10 books read and re-read is better than reading 100 books

    Application of knowledge is better than having the knowledge

    3. Sunscreen applied on your face daily will keep you looking younger longer

    4. If something takes a few minutes to do and will help you later, do it now

    For example, if I need to later return something to the store or bring a gift to a friend - I'll put these things in the car now.

    5. Your smartphone is powerful, but it's just another tool to help you.

    6. Be careful what you consume.

    News, social media, click-bait articles - instead, fill your mind with timeless knowledge.

    7. Any bad day can be turned around by getting in a hard workout

    8. See your day in quarters.

    I used to wake up after lunch on weekends and think my whole day is gone. Now I see that my first two quarters are gone and I still have half a day to go (i.e., I reset my expectations) - hat tip to Gretchen Rubin for this tip

    9. What you do every day is more important than what you do once in a while

    Another from Gretchen Rubin

    10. Be active every day

    It will give you more energy than it takes.

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