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10 Side Hustle Businesses ANYONE can start in a weekend

    1. Self-publishing

    2. Freelance writing

    3. Freelance video editing

    Sometimes you just need Canva or Lumen5, no real skills required.

    4. Making interactive videos

    I'm curious about VidJack.

    5. Publishing on Medium or Voice

    Not sure you're likely to make a lot of money, at least not right away, but some people do end up earning a decent income from it.

    6. Teaching online

    Lots of platforms that you can use. I hear English teaching is always in demand, and there are also platforms such as Superprof where you can teach anything you want (maybe you can teach people how to come up with ideas!)

    7. Making websites for small businesses

    I'm guessing you can charge $500 for a website that you can make in one day on Wix. Not sure how easy it is to find clients for this. Cold e-mailing?

    8. Building no-code apps

    I assume you'd search for clients the same way as for making websites.

    There might be an initial investment to be able to use no-code tools.

    9. Social media manager or content creator

    10. Creating self-guided walking tours

    Questo offers the possibility to earn passive income from your own self-guided walking tours, although last time I checked there is a selection process (I got accepted but haven't got around to it yet).

    It seems there are a lot more possibilities than just Questo. And you could probably skip the existing platforms do your own thing, although I'm not sure how.

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