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11 Side Hustles

11 Side Hustles

    1. Copywriting via AI Writing Tool

    Use an AI writer like Jasper, Headlime or WriteSonic to create articles, blogs and sell them to marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, Craigslist and Local Businesses

    2. Niche YouTube Video Creation

    Use the AI Writing tool to generate your script and then use an app like Pictory or Lumen 5 to create the video with text overlay. Record your voice or use a TTS program like Well said to do a voice-over.

    3. Create a Niche Blog

    Do a keyword search and find a hot topic that coincides with your interests. Setup WordPress site. Start driving traffic. Cross-sell other products related to your niche.

    4. Drop Servicing

    Service arbitrage model - act as the middle man between freelancers for places like Fiverr, and Upwork and sell services to local businesses, and run ads to find potential clients. Look for services that you have familiarity with. Copywriting, Word Press, Logos, Social Media Marketing, Data Analysis, etc.

    5. Templates

    Purchase or create your own templates for Notion, Powerpoint and Business Documents Sell them on secondary digital markets like Etsy, Fiverr, AppSumo, etc.

    6. Sell a Database on Gum Road

    Compile a list of resources or hard-to-find information, compile, and enrich with your own unique insights put them in an Airtable with a passcode.

    7. Create an Online Course

    Create an online course on the many eLearning sites like Teachable, Udemy or self-host with a paywall or membership section. Look into your own expertise and skills.

    8. API Toll

    Create an API to a specialized machine learning model or service and provide a toll for each access connection similar to OpenAI access.

    9. Extension Development

    Create an extension or hire a freelancer to create one for Chrome, Zoom, ClickUp, WordPress etc.

    10. Create MVPs for Bootstrapper using NoCode Tool

    Learn a NoCode or Low Code tool and create a rapid prototype for non-technical bootstrappers.

    11. Sell Crowd-Sourced Data

    Think Digital Nomad. Crowdsource data which people are interested in update your database and sell at a later point when you have hit critical mass

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