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10 Simple Tips For Maintaining Your Idea List Streak For The Rest Of This Year

That being said:

I don't like streaks. So I never maintain them. Ha ha.

It's not that I can't... I just don't find them to be that useful to me. I've found that I actually get more produced (and maintain my momentum better without burning out my motivation) by alternating periods of activity and rest.

But if there's money at stake, and I needed to maintain my idea list streak for 100 days, here's what I'd do:

    1. Make it a habit to create your idea list first thing in the morning when you open your eyes before doing anything else!

    2. Keep your idea lists short... as short as humanly possible... one word for each item if need be... at least until you get into the habit of creating them daily.

    3. Use the AI button to help you if you must. I'd rather not, because that would defeat purpose of using idea lists as a way to develop our idea muscles. But if you wake on the wrong side of bed one day, it's an option...

    4. Just list out ideas... Don't try to multi-task and attempt to improve your writing skills while coming up with ideas at the same time. Write down your ideas, and that's it.

    5. Only create idea lists on things that you actually enjoy thinking and talking about.

    6. Give yourself a micro-reward after each idea you've listed down. This will rewire your brain to associate coming up with ideas as fun.

    7. You don't always have to come up with totally new ideas for every idea list. You can use idea lists as a mini-journal for documenting stuff that's already happened to you.

    8. If you can't fill up all 10 ideas for your idea list, then be creative, like...

    9. ... try breaking down one big idea on your list into two smaller ideas... like this... (Is this cheating? I think so... but it can give you new ideas...)

    10. Just do it! You can do anything if you put your mind to it! Almost... But you are awesome! So you can do it!

    Consider hiring a motivational coach, or just someone who gives you encouragement everyday, and reminds you daily that... you are awesome and you can do it!

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