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10 skills I believe everybody needs for the future

    1. Selling

    Whether its to sell your skills, sell to a customer, or sell an idea to your boss, selling is a critical skill

    2. Technology skills

    Technology is going to be a big part of the future - whether its generative AI or another unknown but game changing technology

    3. Communication

    Sure you might be a one person business but you still need to be able to communicate with people around you (friends, family, customers, vendors)

    4. Networking

    Always helps to have a network you can rely on for asks you didn't even know you needed

    5. Learning

    This ties in with technology skills but it's more than that - it's about learning how to adapt to trends, big crises (like the pandemic), competitors and anything else that can happen

    6. Resolving conflicts

    Conflicts will inevitably rise up in all kinds of situations: your personal relationships, your work relationships, with your customers - knowing how to resolve conflicts is a key skill to have

    7. Writing

    Learning how to write and learning how to write so you can communicate is critical. When have you ever done anything without some writing involved?

    8. Negotiation / persuasion

    Many of the skills tie in with other skills - this ties in with selling, writing, resolving conflicts and communication.

    9. Money management

    James Altucher often says there are three key skills to money: learning how to earn it, learning how to keep it, and learning how to grow it (instead of three separate skills, I've grouped them into one)

    10. Positive attitude

    Life has its ups and downs but it's a lot easier to go through it when you have a positive attitude and mindset. And yes, this is a skill you can learn.

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