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10 skills that I can build to be a better employee/worker

From the perspective of a software developer

10 skills that I can build to be a better employee/worker

    1. Code with ChatGPT

    Keep getting better at this

    2. Write More Python

    It is the de-facto language of AI and machine learning

    3. Teach on YouTube

    Teaching is a great way to learn

    4. Analyze my time: how much is rework? How could this be reduced?

    5. Make internal deadlines for myself

    In addition to pledges made during a sprint: From Pomodoro timelines to "before I stop working for the day"

    6. Make structured meetings with QA part if the workflow

    One meeting before starting a project, one before it is deployed to QA server

    7. Write book/blog about progress

    By thinking about publishing what I am doing, whether I publish it or not, forces me to step up my game!

    8. Keep notes for a weekly accountability report to myself

    9. Keep track of all interactions with QA

    Why did they happen? How could they be shortened and improved? What did I miss?

    10. Take extreme ownership: everything is my fault

    This can be a difficult thing to do, but I have found that when I try there is a certain calm about it: I can only do what I can do to improve the situation. Complaining actually stresses me out and does nothing to solve the isssue.

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