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10 skills to multiply your career

    1. Public Speaking

    Take your expertise say in tax. Add in the skill of public speaking. Now you can give speeches with tax advice.

    2. Writing

    Again, take your expertise in tax. Add in the skill of writing. Now you can write articles or books (and sell them) with tax advice.

    3. Digital literacy

    If you have the skill of writing and websites, you can write online articles or e-books and sell them online

    4. Negotiation

    Whether you are negotiating a salary for a new job, negotiating contract details with a vendor, or negotiating with your partner or family, negotiating is a key skill to have.

    5. Vocal skills

    Vocal skills aren't about your public speaking or communication skills, it's about how you use your voice to communicate. For example, many public speakers haven't learned or ever been taught how to breathe during a speech.

    6. Humour

    Might just be my own opinion, but I believe humour or learning how to be funny in your own way is a great skill to have. It takes the edge off performance appraisals. It can help you win over colleagues or bosses.

    7. Selling

    Selling is both an art and a science but is absolutely critical

    8. Copywriting

    Copywriting is the skill of turning your words into money

    9. Basic design skills

    You don't need to be a super designer, but at least someone who has a basic eye for good design - things that don't look professional get a bad first impression

    10. Analytics

    Whether you're working as a biologist, environmentalist, programmer - using data, and understanding what it means helps you. Analytics especially helps you as you transition from being an individual contributor to a manager or leader (to make decisions).

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